Some links to material to help us think through current issues.

Resources listed here will change periodically.

BOOST 2017

For those unable to attend, or those just wanting to brush up on spiritual growth, here is the audio and accompanying booklets for our BOOST Grow weekend.

Grow Booklet

Session 1 - One Giant Leap

Session 2 - Step by Step

Session 3 - On Track for Growth + Booklet

Session 4 - Side by Side

Session 5 - Looking Left

Loving Your Church Seminar (29/3/17)

Craig Glassock, from the Vinegrowers team, led us in a practical night designed to help us grow and develop as servant-hearted Christians.  

Seminar Podcast

Seminar Booklet

Same Sex Marriage debate

Decisions in other parts of the world have brought about a quickening debate around the civil definition of marriage and whether it should be changed to include marriage between 2 people of the same sex.  Here are some resources from a Christian perspective that explain why the Bible's teaching on marriage should be retained by both the church and the state.

Why we need a plebiscite.  Australia needs to have a plebiscite on this issue, while it is still possible to have a public discussion on this issue.

Sandy Grant's public lecture on redefining marriage is available on the St Michael's website.

Figtree Anglican Church has a 3 part audio series covering the biblical position, understanding the controversy and how best to engage with others on this issue.