Ministry Team

Senior Minister: Leigh Roberts

Leigh Roberts

Leigh is husband of the beautiful Merrilyn and dad of 3 awesome adult kids. Absolutely loves living in Bulli and surfs whenever he can (using pod handboards). Loves local people. Enjoys jazz and alfresco dining at home on the deck. Would love to go beach-fishing, but is waiting patiently for news that they're on.

“Sometimes it's hard to believe that I get to serve here at Bulli Anglican Church as Senior Pastor. It's incredibly challenging yet rewarding.

I believe that life, church and ministry is all about Jesus.

I’m energised by the belief that Jesus was crucified for our sins, but rose from the dead and is alive and ruling today. Through real faith in Him we receive forgiveness and a new life which goes beyond the grave! My job is to help people find and live that new life - as authentic followers of Jesus.

Today, in Bulli and beyond, Jesus is doing today exactly what he said He came to do: seeking and saving the lost (Luke 19), giving new life (John 3 & 10) and building His church (Matthew 16). Bulli Anglican Church is Jesus’ church, and He’s certainly growing it – one life at a time.

Come and be part of His life-changing family and mission.”

Assistant Minister: Andy Callow

Andy callow

Andy has one head and wears two hats: Youth Pastor and 5PM Church Pastor. He's married to Kirsty and loves Jesus. The Callow's have lived in Bulli for about 15 years and are keen to introduce their friends and neighbours to Jesus.  Andy says: "I'm stoked about the life that Jesus invites everyone to have. It's a life lived trusting him and obeying God. It's the only life with a solid hope beyond the grave and it's the life that actually works now - for everyone. If you don't believe me check Jesus out for yourself."  Andy gets to lead and preach at 5PM church and is also the Youth Pastor here at BAC. Aside from serving Jesus and loving his family he likes to surf, read books, watch movies and eat nachos. 

Children's Minister: Kat Harris

 Kat Harris

Kat loves Jesus and loves Kids and so she has found the perfect job! Kat is married to Steve and they love living and being part of the community in Bulli and in the 'Gong. Kat is passionate about seeing kids hear about their loving creator and giving them the chance to make an informed decision for themselves. Kat also likes fishing and having a coffee and a chat! 


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